Why Vultr is the Best in the World?

Looking for a cheap and high quality VPS supplier? Incidentally, this time, I will recommend one of the best Virtual Private Server (VPS) service providers, Vultr.

Little information for those of you who do not know what vps is, as the name suggests is a private server where we can use it to store and virtualize the data we have in the cloud as a computer with a choice of server locations, Systems (usually based on Linux), Storage (SSD) and RAM that we can adjust. correction if false: ')

With VPS, we can do a lot of things, including hosting a website. But of course, in a more manual way compared to the use of shared hosting.

On Google, we can find many vps providers with different features, price and quality. However, with so many suppliers, it is difficult to choose which of these providers is the best. That's why, on this occasion, I will recommend one of the best vps providers, Vultr.

What is Vultr?

Created in 2014, Vultr is a cloud computing provider offering VPS instances (Vultr Cloud Compute / VC2), storage, dedicated and without operating system. With data centers in 16 strategic locations around the world, you can provide the fastest access to others, both at home and abroad. Vultr claims to have had more than 18 million instances deployed by more than 100,000 users with more than 25,000 queries each month.

With its many advantages, Vultr is one of the best vps providers I recommend.

Why choose Vultr?
Questions that are also the subject of this post. why do you have to choose vultr? The following reasons ...


1. Affordable prices

If in general vps providers offer the lowest price of $ 5, then with vultr you can get it for only $ 2.5. A very cheap price for a VPS, but at this price, you will only receive an IPv6 address. Therefore, you need to add $ 1.5 to get a normal VPS or the equivalent of $ 3.5 for 1 CPU, 20 GB of SSD, 512 MB of RAM and 500 bandwidth. Great enough to host a lightweight website that you have.


2. It's easier to start with One Click Installer

Another convenience you can get by using vps vultr is the availability of one-click installer functionality during deployment. It is suitable for those who are just starting out. There are many operating systems and applications that you can install. One of them is WordPress. As one of the best and most popular cms today. With one click, you can instantly install wordpress instantly. In addition, there are many other applications available such as; Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, Magento, etc., including WHM Cpanel, with an additional $ 15 to deduct each month.


3. There is no minimum contract

No need to worry about your money and your lost time. because with Vultr, we can rent vps as long as we want. It does not have to be monthly or even yearly. 1 hour we can as long as we have enough balance to pay our vps fee. This benefit is very good for those of you who want to learn vps without having to spend money. Speaking of payment issues, Vultr accepts several methods ranging from credit cards, Paypal, Bitcoin, Alipay, Gift Code, to the latest, WeChat Pay.


4. Quite Complete Manage Features

The other reason that is no less interesting if you use Vultr is the control panel with a menu that is practically complete. There are various menus that are very helpful in managing our vps such as;

  • Usage Graphs: To find the graph of bandwidth usage, CPU, Storage, and Network available
  • Settings: To Set Firewall, Change Hostname, Upgrade / Downgrade Packages, Change OS (Operating System), etc.
  • Snapshot: To take a copy of the VPS state
  • Backups: To back up your vps data every month (an additional fee of $ 0.70)
  • DDOS: To secure your vps from DDOS attacks (temporarily not available for Singapore locations)

5. Good Support

When I first started using vps divultr I was a beginner, not very familiar with how to manage or solve problems with my vps. Because of this, I often send questions through the ticket support feature that has been provided. And the good news, the response I received was quite good and very helpful. Usually the ticket that I send will be answered in 5-15 minutes, maybe it could be more if there are a few obstacles.

That is a little information and some reasons why I recommend Vultr as a VPS that you can choose. May be useful.

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